PingTune featured in Stuff magazine

One of the many benefits of being a TechHub member is that we do our very best to wave you under the noses of journalists from exciting publications and ensure we slot your company into the most relevant opportunities we have coming up.

We recently had the guys from Stuff Magazine (the worlds best selling gadget magazine) in to meet teams who are bustin' moves and shaking things up at TechHub London. We were delighted to see that they featured one of our members, PingTune, in their January 2014 issue as well as online.

PingTune are one of the fastest growing teams that we've welcomed into TechHub London this year, with a great little app that allows you to "ping" songs over to friends from YouTube or SoundCloud, with a personalised message.

Also a great social platform, perfect for those moments after a night out with friends, "aahmagad do you remember when this came on last night, tuuuune!". [Pings] 'Ebeneezer Goode' by The Shamen

Or say, those slushy moments, when you're trying to woo a potential... erm... loved one...

This reminds me of you. [Pings] 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' by Prince. [Potential loved one swoons]

Download it, try it, ping something - available in the app store now!