Picking the pitches in Startup Sauna warmup event in Riga

Startup Sauna continues rocking the tech-community with its warmup events around Europe, and we thought we�d give a round of applause once more to those who attended the fantastic event at TechHub Riga on March 27. With the coaching panel of Harry Santam�ki, Jarmo Kuusivuori, Saku Everi, Andris K. Berzins, Ernest Jenavs and Viesturs Sosars standing firm, the event summed up a prospective talent pool in Latvia and opened doors for improvements and new ideas.

Pitches. 1on1 sessions. Winners. Startup Sauna is known for its valuable feedback, and Riga event was not an exception. The pitch-menu was broad, just as big was the excitement. Are you ready to pick someone who shone?

Pick 1, 2, 3, 4. Beyondpad and Classnote, offering their interpretation about �the note�, displayed what it meant to make, rearrange, unify and track the thoughts in a digital format. At the same time, there were EzlyDb, which showcased a service that let power users create web based forms and reports without any programming skills, and izdevigs.lv, which presented a price comparison application for mobile phones with additional possibilities.

Pick 5, 6, 7, 8. Sports activity booking service by Sportsmap was created to ensure that everyone was able able to find and book either dance classes or tennis courts quickly and safely. Along with it, Tracday gave the users their own personal sports tracker as they could trace their workouts, get in shape and reach their fitness goals. In the mean time, the Take A Shot music community platform was about to bring musicians and audiences together to enable a better communication, but Merc advocated a commodity trading game for iOS.

Pick 9, 10, 11. Application by Mobilakarte gathered user�s loyalty cards in a digital space, substituting multiple cards in a wallet with a phone app. Meanwhile, Cookster�s social cooking guide made cooking easy, fast and full of fun as the chefs were directed step by step through the process of cooking to get the best result. Yet, if the match calculations were necessary to be done, then the best assistant would be Il Calculus app that allowed users to define their own buttons (functions) and to reuse the existing ones.

Thus, the Riga pitch amplitude where ideas were generated liked to trigger the imagination to the most. Whatever was the need, it was clear that the tech people were constantly looking for updated solutions to make the everyday life easier and more entertaining. So Startup Sauna warmup event in Riga was wrapped-up by motivating feedbacks by the coaches, networking, and invaluable opportunity to shake the tech ground.

We thank to Startup Sauna team and coaches! We also congratulate our three winners � Cookster, Mobilakarte and Classnote � for outstanding performance!

In the end, what�s your pick?