Our new residents starting June: MVP Academy finalists announced!

TechHub Bucharest is about to have a lot more residents since June 2nd!

MVP Academy has completed stage one: selecting the teams! After careful consideration and a lot of interest from early stage startups from all over the region, 15 teams made the final cut. Let�s meet them!

Axo Suits

High-Powered Exoskeletons.


Bravatar helps you express yourself through the brands you love, not just like, while providing you a beautiful and simple way to build a personal experience with said brands.


Management tool for school administrators and online grade book for teachers, parents and students, developing into an on-line game for students to develop skills, hobbies and interests.


Educating employees in pharmacies about products via webinars.


drimm.in is a social platform that allows users to team up to fulfill dreams for friends.


The white labeled solution that offers mobile personal trainer experience and connects each fitness studio with his customers in a personal, intuitive and efficient way.


For the first time and for free, restaurants can maintain an online relation with most valuable clients - the frequent ordering ones.


The music player for extremely social people.


Visualize, measure, record and analyze energy generation and consumption over multiple circuits in real-time.


Lifebox is a mobile application that finds the photos you and each of your friends took when you were together and creates common memories, so each one of you quickly receives the photos and nobody nags for them anymore.


A bracelet which helps people manage their medical treatments. The bracelet vibrates and/or emits sounds when you need to take your pills..


Faster prototyping for Arduino and RaspberryPi with the help of your smartphone.


In search of meaningful travel experiences? Add them to your travel wish list on Qalendra and you�ll never again miss out on your travel plans.


StudyMentors is an online platform which connects international prospective students with current students/alumni from European universities.

Wallet Buzz

Connecting retailers and smartphone users while delivering exclusive offers directly on their mobile phones.

These teams are about to embark on 7 week long journey, during which they�ll learn valuable, practical things about everything from drawing up a business plan, to financing options to essential knowledge about developing a tech product.

We�ll keep you updated on their evolution!