TechHub Riga launches the first Open Device Lab in the Baltics

We�re honored to open the very first Open Device Lab in the Baltics, a shared community pool of smartphones, tablets, or consoles that let developers test their websites and apps. It means � regardless of the stage your product is at, you can now come over to our place, test it and check what needs to be improved. Plus, it�s all free of charge to everybody!

We know, apps and websites are not always perfect, especially across mobile devices. There are around 20,000 different models and about 15 new devices released every week, and all of them are unique and come with their own technical quirks and hurdles. Having access to these varied devices, both modern and older, is critical for testing the user experience but often poses problems to developers creating new content.

This is where Open Device Lab comes in! We�re here to help you find bugs and solutions faster. We already have the first devices in place (huge thanks to Microsoft):

  • Toshiba tablet
  • Lenovo Thinkpad with Pro Windows8
  • htc Windows Phone 8x
  • Nokia Lumia 620 Dev Kit - developer device/ Windows Phone

New sponsors and donors are welcome (find out how you can give another breath to your old devices)!

Join the movement, comment and rate us � Open Device Lab starts today! Let�s make our pool of devices the best one :)