One Diary in open beta

After a month of private beta and the feedback received after a very successful demo at TechHub's Demo Night back in December, One Diary are now ready to open the first phase to the wider community.

Focusing on providing tools to enable people to organise their lives on their terms, One Diary's first tool allows people to get everything into their calendars with a simple, natural language interface, via email. They've worked hard to made this flexible by removing a lot of the requirements around time and venue insisted on by traditional calendar apps. This means you can capture the vaguest intention to meet and then collaborate around time, venue, other participants all while continuing to use email. Importantly though, this works alongside your existing calendar apps so you can carry on using your favourite tools while gaining all of the One Diary magic.

Adam Bird, One Diary founder, told us:

TechHub Demo night gave us valuable insight from real people and set us on the right trajectory for getting our product in peoples hands. Opening up our beta to the public is the next stage in our journey to help people organise their lives.

While one co-founder, Adam Bird (CEO) previously co-founded an international text messaging service provider Esendex; the other, Garry Shutler (CTO) previously worked as lead dev at Zopa and is an expert in scaling asynchronous systems. Esendex was eventually sold to Darwin Private Equity for �11M and was at that time operating in 6 countries (UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany and Australia) and had 50 people in 3 offices (Nottingham, Barcelona and Melbourne).

Garry and Adam worked on previous ideas more focused in the developer space before committing to solve the calendar problem via One Diary. Working as distributed team between Nottingham and London, the guys are using TechHub London as their coming together point.

The desire for solving this problem came from Adam's experiences building and running Esendex. Thinking that he should have been a power user of calendars with 50 employees and plenty of partners and suppliers to meet, he found that none of the tools provided the flexibility he needed. Having to make so many decisions up front before being able to put things into your traditional calendar, and having no no notion of collaborating around the organisation of an event, he also found that - as a husband and father - there was no easy way of understanding what the rest of the family were up to or indeed them knowing what he was up to which makes scheduling very difficult. Solving this problem is phase 2 of One Diary's mission, already underway...

If you'd like to help One Diary take their vision forward and test the public beta available, sign up for here.