Nosto launching Self-service Personalisation Solution for Online Stores

TechHub members Nosto Solutions Ltd have announced last week that they will be making their e-commerce personalisation solution available to any online merchant with the launch of a new self-service offering.

The company increased its clients' conversion rates by an average of 70% and the average order value by over 20% for visitors clicking on Nosto recommendations. The solution can now be implemented in any online store to increase revenue and enhance customers' online shopping experience.

As an e-commerce software company providing a SaaS solution that transforms online shops from one-size-fits-all offerings to relevant, personalised experiences, updated dynamically and in real-time, Nosto tracks visitor behaviour in online stores enabling merchants to tailor shopping experiences with automatic product recommendations based on individual behavioural data. They are the first e-commerce solution provider to offer self-service plug-and-play SaaS implementation for personalisation and triggered e-mailing to any online store, regardless of size or e-commerce platform. By enabling Nosto features, online merchants are able to display personalised product recommendations in real time on their site, enhancing the customers' online shopping experience, automating marketing activities and increasing conversion, customer retention and store revenues.

With their new self-service platform, Nosto will eliminate the need for intermediates and upfront costs as merchants will be able to do the implementation themselves using just a few snippets of code.

�The shift in consumer behaviour has made online merchants seek data-driven solutions to enable online marketing automation such as personalised product promotions on their sites. We are thrilled to be the first in the world to of offer this self-service model to online merchants globally. Advanced personalisation solutions have typically only been available for enterprise level companies. We�re changing all of that. Any merchant can now enter, signup and start boosting their sales immediately.� says Juha Valvanne, CEO of Nosto.

Currently powering hundreds of online stores and with close to 1 billion Nosto recommendations displayed to date, the company has been able to deliver impressive statistics of its effect, reporting average increases in conversion of over 70% for visitors who click on Nosto recommendations and increases in average order value of over 20% compared to visitors who do not use their recommendations.

Concurrently with its self-service launch, Nosto is boosting its global expansion strategy by opening Business Development headquarters in Berlin and making several high profile recruitments. Former Global Venture Development director Matti R�nkk� from Rocket Internet joins Nosto as Chief Commercial Officer to lead the expansion, bringing in new talent from Amazon and Google to strengthen Nosto�s core team in London and Berlin. R�nkk� has previously been involved with building up fast-growing international companies such as Foodpanda & Groupon.

"I am very excited to join Nosto as the market is hot for a solution like ours. For the last years I have had the pleasure of building some very fast growing global companies and worked with some top people in the online scene and I am now bringing my expertise and experiences into good use at Nosto. The team at Nosto is superbly talented and with the best product in the market and a growing network of dedicated partners. This is the perfect time to take the product global." Says R�nkk�.