New members spotlight: Hiyalife

As we prepare to send several TechHub members off to incubators such as Seedcamp and Wayra, we're pleased to welcome some recent graduates that have chosen to continue their journey with us.

Hiyalife were part of Wayra's first London cohort, and they've brought some great vibes to TechHub in the short time that they've been here. We decided to catch up, and introduce them to our community.

It's great to have you guys here fresh from Wayra London, while some of our members take your old places. Tell us a bit about yourself, and hiyalife?

Thanks! It's great to be in TechHub, we feel at home already. I'm sure your members going to Wayra will love it, we had a great time there.

So, about hiyalife� It's somewhere to build your lifestory online through memories, private and shared.
It's a cross between a digital scrapbook and a biography, where you become part of an intertwining network of moments by sharing or adding memories from others.
We're determined to build something that's on the users' terms, so we say:
No ads. No spam. No hijacking of your privacy or content.
Your memories are yours, and will remain yours in hiyalife.

Our beta website is currently live and open for feedback (nasty or nice), so check it out and let us know what you reckon.

What was Wayra like? How helpful was it for hiyalife?

Wayra was a great community, everyone in there does their utmost to help each other out.
Being part of Wayra is far more than a money injection, it gives you a gateway to connect with Telefonica, O2 and their many contacts, it also offers you some gravity when introducing yourself, despite being a startup we've been endorsed by a global brand.

There's a whole support network once you're part of the Wayra family, and this will (hopefully) continue long after our graduation.
We met some amazing people, connected with incredible mentors, moved hiyalife forward in leaps-and-bounds, and thoroughly enjoyed all of it.
We have lots of happy memories and #HiyalifeMoments from our time there ...Our one regret? Not playing more ping-pong!

Don't worry, we have a table in TechHub @ City Road! What (else) made you choose TechHub now?

We really enjoyed the opportunities to meet interesting people and attend all sorts of events while in Wayra, and wanted to make sure this continued once we graduated. TechHub really is a hub at the heart of London's tech startup world. We heard some good things about the space and the people, and were guided by our first positive impressions: the atmosphere looks chilled and open to collaboration. It is also really easy to join and has very flexible terms. What's not to like?!

What made you want to work in the startup world? Have you always been a 'do-it-yourself' person?

Luck. Pure and simple.
I wasn't looking to work in the startup world but now I'm here I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
My friend from Uni introduced me to Fernando (co-founder of hiyalife). I loved the concept and got on with him, so when I was invited to join I threw myself into my role in hiyalife.

Fernando entered the startup world as he was at one of those points in life when you need to leave the safety of the well-trodden path and follow your dream! (or so he says�)

I'd describe the startup environment as dynamic but tough, full of bright passionate people who are eager to share their ideas. It's an invigorating world to work in, as long as you're happy to get totally involved. I guess I have always been a 'do-it-yourself' person. I think you need that sort of attitude and energy to flourish here.

Tell us something strange about yourself that we probably wouldn't otherwise find out? We have some pretty unique people around here, so no pressure!

I once caught a shark while deep-sea fishing in South Africa on Christmas Day and the hotel then cooked it for us. It was delicious.
I'd go so far as to say that shark is probably the most tasty fish I've tried! (I'm quite a foodie�)

It's Friday, and we'd like to laugh. Tell us your best joke.

I've got a few favourites and they're all cheese related, I don't know what that says about me but�

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?

What cheese do you use to tempt a bear out of it's cave?

How do you handle a dangerous cheese?

What cheese does a horse hide behind?

What is a pirate�s favourite cheese?

*Excellent jokes, we nearly cheddar tear. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us, it's great having you guys around! For anyone interested in building their own online life story, head to hiyalife!