Never Has Swiping Been So Great


Swiping you say? Go on..

TechHub welcomed the amazing team of Whoomies through our doors only 6 months ago, and boy are we glad we did! Founded by Alexandre Assal and female co-founder Lauren Dannay, they have continued to take their business from strength to strength. Whoomies helps you find the perfect roommate

We’ve all been there, from the day we stepped out of our parents houses, flat hunting has been hard enough as it is, let alone considering who you’re going to live with! Whoomies plays with the traditional route of moving somewhere new and changing the focus from the building/location to people, matching you with someone with a similar personality, interests and lifestyle choices. Think of a “Tinder” for flatmates.

Its matching algorithm enables people to connect with their ideal roommate in Paris & London as well as in the biggest cities around the world. Once they have connected, they surf on the app to find rooms and flats to rent and move in together.

They also have an amazing bot called Chandler who will be able to guide you through any sticky situation you may face while navigating through the app.

Achievements to date:

  • App launched and currently active in Paris and London since the 6th September 2017
  • With that, they’ve already seen 10 700 messages on the app, as well as 4500 matches and an incredible accomplishment of 2700 users
  • Partnership with Eurosender, a leading digital platform for booking logistics services in Europe
  • New feature to be added in partnership with Lydia, peer to peer payments for household integrated into the app.
  • Closed a €300k pre seed
  • They’ve also received a €30k grant from the French government

Want to get involved?

  • If you’re a student, you’re in luck, Whoomies have student ambassadors from 14 universities across London, growing daily, and over 30 students in their “student army” raising awareness (UCL, Kings, Imperial, LSE etc). If interested, reach out to them on their website
  • If you’re press and you want to get the lowdown on what’s currently happening, download their press kit here
  • Most importantly, start swiping to find your ideal flatmate! Available for download on both iOS and Android!

Whoomies have been such an amazing addition to the TechHub Community! If you have something to add and want to be surrounded by like minded individuals thriving for success, we’re definitely the place for you. Apply to be a member today and we may be able to do an intro for you!

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