GigaOM. Network. Optimise your business. Set the pace for cloud in Europe.

Network. Optimise your business. Set the pace for cloud in Europe.

GigaOM's Structure: Europe / 18 - 19 September / London / Building the Global Cloud

When the conversation around European market advances, will you be there? In two months, GigaOM will host 2 days with 30+ sessions with top brands and providers who will reveal their cloud strategies. Topics include:

  • CERN's grand collision experiment
  • Key lessons from scaling Google's cloud
  • Is cloud computing a technology, an operations model or a business strategy?
  • The PaaS golden age: a nostalgia for the future of PaaS
  • The roots of Helix Nebula
  • Trading places: the cloud commodities market
  • Amazon vs. the world: How can cloud service providers compete?
  • Data center dilemmas: cost vs. ecosystem
  • Plus, a GigaOM Research Mapping Session: Selecting your cloud infrastructure in Europe

See the full lineup of panels and breakout sessions.

Learn how players like Rackspace and Microsoft have made advances with their deployments, and how tech titans like HP and Dell are repositioning their cloud strategies to keep up with trends. Who else is incorporating OpenStack, OpenNebula or CloudStack into their offerings, and why?

You know cloud is where business is moving. Now prepare for it.

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