More Than Carrots: Veggie Isn’t Just Cheese On Toast


Who Are More Than Carrots?

Though founded over a year ago, by Annette Burgard, TechHub’s very own More Than Carrots only became who they are in January of this year, (2017). They came about to help curious foodies maintain a healthy and balanced diet when dining out. By “balanced” it doesn’t just mean in terms of health, but more vegetables and less meat!
Annette believes that the best way to discover more about a country is by tasting its food and allowing yourself to be overcome by different flavours and textures, though saying that she once tried fried rat and definitely won’t be going there again!

What’s Their Current Mission and Why Should You Get Involved?

Annette and her (relatively) new Head of Product, Charlotte Downs, are two passionate women in tech who are determined to change the mindset of the people they surround themselves with every day. They’re not here to convert you, nor force you into the deepest steps of veganism, but rather broaden your general channels of food. At the moment, More Than Carrots are divulging themselves into foodie heaven experiences where you can join like minded individuals for a delicious dinner at a selected Chef's Table Events.

Intrigued by these Chef’s Table events? More Than Carrots partner with selected restaurants in and around Central London to bring you unique dishes with the potential to change your perspective on typical “monotonous” vegetarian food.

Trust us, there won’t be any boiled cabbage, soggy asparagus or chewy tofu. Be prepared for a flavour explosion in alternate universe.

If you’re still not convinced, Annette and Charlotte have come up with a list of reads to help you realise that this way of living truly is sustainable. Our personal standouts include Meathooked by Marta Zaraska and The Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan.

Any Upcoming Events?

Their fun and colourful website tells all, though if you’re up for a last minute adventure, this Friday 30th June, they’ll be at Mandira - “London's one-and-only Mediterranean inspired café centring its menu on handcrafted yoghurt bowls.” Find (very reasonably priced) tickets here!

Be sure to tweet at them @MTCarrots - they love to hear about your wondrous veggie experiences! Bon apetit!