Minutizer & Render Street - TechHub Bucharest residents part of Startup Sauna's 2014 Spring Batch

At TechHub Bucharest we organize or host a lot of events for startups, with both local specialists and regional or international experts. We like to explore every opportunity to connect startups with accelerators, mentors or potential investors that can all add to become a valuable network for their current or future plans. And the best thing about these events is that you never know when a chance to be part of something great can arise.

Take this example: on March 31, Startup Sauna came to TechHub Bucharest as part of their European tour and they held a one-day coaching event for local teams.

Martin Talvari, Startup Sauna and Slush�s Chief Marketing Officer, sat down with Minutizer and RenderStreet and, as a result of this process and additional talks, the two teams are now part of Startup Sauna's 2014 Spring batch!

Startup Sauna is a great acceleration program and for 5 weeks our residents will have the chance to undergo an intensive process of business development, among other vectors that will help improve their product and other aspects of their startups.

Moreover, both Minutizer and RenderStreet have a chance to gain some valuable connections with industry experts, VC funds, media representatives, potential customers and even potential partners.

So the next time you'll wonder if you should attend a startup event and pitch, just say YES!

And it just so happens that we have two startup focused events coming up soon: EIT ICT Labs Outreach Program: Building European Success Stories and Pirates On Shore Tour powered by TechHub Bucharest. You know what to do. ;)