[Startup Profile] Minutizer: Equity, flexible hours + other benefits that will make you want to meet these guys

“A startup may not pay as well as a comfy corporate job.” - So not true! Aside from the great salary opportunities that Minutizer has to offer, the chance to build technology from zero and innovate in various industries within a great team environment definitely makes getting to know them worthwhile!

See more below about the growth opportunities, developed technologies and other epic benefits that make Minutizer a great culture for you to grow in.

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Founded in: 2013

Founders: Alex Negru

Investment raised: N/A

USP: The only company focusing on developing tech for people to charge money for their time and knowledge.

Team: 20 awesome people.

Growth opportunities: Vertical and horizontal growth strategy. There are no limits. The company is going to address multiple industries: telemedicine, adult-tech, esoteric, sport-tech.

Open positions: Product manager
Project Manager
Back-end developer (PhP)

Salary range: €1000-2500

Vacation: Anytime if scheduled ahead

Paid time off: No, but if you complete your tasks during time off those are considered regular working and paid days.

Benefits: Equity, flexible hours, remote or co-working office, team buildings outside Romania, business travel in EU, US, LATAM.

Ideal employee in 4 words: Smart, geeky, responsible, no-bullshit.