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LIAA - Inwad investment

Infogram more than 1M users - best company at TNW Amsterdam



Seedcamp backed mighty fingers

Seedcamp is Awesome

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Hearing from Connect Ventures

Pitch 1 - AirBay (Robert)

Connects people who want to sell or purcahse airline tickets, has no insurance, no refund, not business calss, lost tickets. Colllaborates with a network of airlines, airbay changes names on tickets, price is derived of original refund + name change fee. market price is always higher, this buyer gets a good deal.

Demonstrate there is a clear benefit to airlines. Name Change Fees + Ancillary revenues, for instance priority boarding and sales on board.

Have approval 2 airlines from reveue spcialists

Sales Stratergy
- web page with cooprations with online agvencies and metsearch enginges i.e kayak and skycsanner. Allows airline to outbid the next big alternative.

1 poential ariline as partners, stil in product development

Pitch 2 -

Best Friends Game

Facebook integration - 1.3bn users (25% play games)
Quiz's about your friends
Launch Feb/March
Aiming for 10k users by June/July

Why are they using Facebook platform? - Using Facebook user info to inform quiz
Founder runs Pokerstars social and Facebook integration

Pitch 3


Event aggregator - Facebook log-in
YPlan, Facebook etc
Focused on Tourists
Revenue - ad rev initially - longterm subscription model

Pitch 4 -

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