Members Spotlight: Fitness Freak

TechHub Members Fitness Freak recently launched their brand new site. It's already got a lot of attention, and the team are going from strength to strength. We caught up with Shara Tochia, to learn a bit more about Fitness Freak:

Congratulations on the launch, the site looks great. Talk us (briefly!) through the design/build process?

Thanks! In summary, both were outsourced. However, we have now bought it all into the company. Phew!

Have people been responding well to the site?

Really well. We are starting to get some real traction and interest from the fitness industry, our early adopters/fitness bloggers & trade. We have some fantastic PR collaborations coming up! Sign up so you don't miss out on the news.

What gave you the idea for Fitness Freak? Personal pain?

Absolutely. I love fitness classes, and teach them at clubs around London. I returned after living in Sydney for a few years and wanted to explore the fitness London market and found it really painful searching online. At that time, I was working in the online restaurant marketing area and worked closely with Toptable (finder and booking platform for restaurants online) & thought it was a good idea to replicate the business model for fitness!

How do you see yourselves/Fitness Freak expanding in the future?

We're working hard to conquer the London market before looking at other UK cities. There are a few secret projects we have in the pipeline for Fitness Freak that we can't reveal just yet!

What other health and fitness apps do you use, or particularly like?

Nike +, Map My Run, My Fitness Pal are all great!

We like to laugh. Hit us with your best joke.

What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho Cheese (it's shockingly bad, I know). I'll work on it.

Thanks Shara, lovely as always to chat to you, and best of luck conquering the London market!