Members Breakfast May 24 � �Embracing the opportunities�

Friday, May 24 with usual coffee, tea, snacks, and this time - granting topics were on the air. �Imprimatur Capital� visited TechHub and a great early stage funding opportunity for startups was presented. This is not a typical loan case, besides - they also advise that you spend your money wisely. Focused on fundraising, patenting, market research, marketing, product development and similar things, they increase the possibility of successful growth. �This is the best thing to happen to public money in Latvia�, said Ernests Stals , co-founder of TechHub Riga. And hopefully fresh entrepreneurs can use it. co-founder Uldis Leiterts took the stage next and shared some vivid memories from trip to Silicon Valley. Turns out it is not that hard to get a meeting with high profile people. Mostly it can work by a simple barter principle: �Perhaps I can help you for some 20 minutes and maybe you can help me someday, too�, he quoted. Lots of Europeans are there, they are open, friendly and rarely say �no� if asked for an advice. Contact sharing is easy and lots of opportunities emerge in Silicon Valley. You may bump on someone you really would like to meet for counsel, yes, it can really happen. And as for such environment, these opportunities are quite easy to grab, if one has the wish.

Also we were happy to announce our new members �Burning Ape�. This is a game development company that recently joined TechHub�s great working space. Even though a startup, they already have some great experiences in the game business. Some of their games (they already have several) reached Top 5 in different countries. �It is all global. We don�t know how to code but we have coders form other countries�, said founder. And the �other countries� stands also for places in the other side of the globe like China or Thailand�

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