Member videos: Ambrose Choy

At TechHub Manchester, we love the members to bits and we simply can't stop talking about them. You might have met Ambrose Choy, who's often dashing from here to MediaCityUK or to Wales. No? Read about him here!

His company, Fi a Fo (pronounced "v-a-vo"), has had a busy 2013. They've launched Sbiffy whilst also collaborating with fellow members Moment.Us (more on that to come).

Check out our short clip on Ambrose and Sbiffy:

If you're interested in finding out more, check out the below links:

- - @Sbiffyapp - @Choyster

Like the look of Fi a Fo and think you or someone you know could add to their growing company? They're hiring for a front-end web designer/developer!