Member Spotlight: Subodh Deshpande of BaseClarity

Subodh began with an idea, took it to Startup Weekend Manchester, believed in the idea enough to leave his job, and is now a fulltime Resident Member of TechHub Manchester. Phew! We took a few minutes out of his hectic day to ask him how it�s been since making that leap to go fulltime:

So Subodh, what is your background and how did you end up becoming an entrepreneur?

I am an engineering graduate and have been working in the IT industry as a Consultant/Project Manager for more than 7 years.

While working on my consulting assignments, I found that there was a big gap in the way software licenses were being procured and managed. A further research at the macro level showed that enterprises are going to spend approximately $290 bn. I felt that if we have a solution which will not only tell them what they are spending on, but is also intelligent enough to guide customers on opportunities to save, then that would be great.

I presented this idea at Startup Weekend Manchester, held at TechHub Manchester in November 2012. Although I didn�t win a prize, there was customer interest from a �Big 4� bank who kindly agreed to test the solution and also mentor us. I decided to quit my job and started working on this fulltime. From then, we have been working with other large enterprises and so far the results seem to be very encouraging.

Tell me about BaseClarity.

We started this company as �Excellencia Innovations� and later renamed it to BaseClarity as it was closer to our vision. This is an 8-member company made up of Consultants, Account Managers and experienced founders. Because enterprise software business demands experience, we have a team with a total work experience of more than 120 years in Enterprise IT.

What do you like most about Manchester?

I have been living in Manchester for the past 1.5 years. Being also a big learning centre, I felt that there is an atmosphere of creativity and trying out new things.

Why did you choose TechHub Manchester? Has the community been helpful?

It all began with presenting my idea at Startup Weekend Manchester at TechHub Manchester. The following are the reasons why I decided to be a full time member:

  1. Excellent advice/support from people who built businesses in the past

  2. Contacts to potential customers and VCs; we founders need this if we lack experience

  3. Various events organised which helps us to improve as entrepreneurs

  4. A culture to share knowledge amongst the members

What's a piece of advice you would give to a budding entrepreneur?

Before starting off with BaseClarity, I did start two other businesses. One didn�t see the light of day while the other wasn�t profitable. My 2 cents to other entrepreneurs is:

  1. Try running a business in the area of your expertise. It helps you bootstrap the activities.

  2. You may not have skills in all areas. Take the help of a mentor, but you do all the work. That�s when you get the real experience.

  3. Share the idea about your business with your friends, family and get their opinion. Sometimes, they will be able to see things which you may not.

Keep in mind, though, that I, myself, am a budding entrepreneur, too!

One random or silly fact about yourself:

I can eat two boxes of large pizzas in a single evening. Crazy, but true!

Thanks, Subodh! We hope POC-ing goes well at the "Big 4" bank and keep us posted on any good news. In the mean time, we know who we'll be visiting if we over-order on pizzas...