Member Spotlight: Javier Galan of CircleMe

As part of our new 'Member Spotlight' series, we interviewed TechHubber Javier Galan. Here's what he had to say about startups, CircleMe & TechHub!

What is your background and how did you end up doing a startup?

Prior to joining CircleMe, I spent five years working for the Online Marketing teams of large corporations such as Sony PlayStation, TripAdvisor and

Having joined TripAdvisor in early 2008, when it still was relatively small, and seeing the evolution of a start-up environment towards a more corporate one such as Sony or, I wanted to return to the �start-up feeling�. Definitely joining CircleMe was the best choice I could have made. I�m enjoying every minute and I think we�re going to do something great!

2. Tell me about your product.

CircleMe is an inspiring social way to collect all your likes, get the most out of them and discover new ones.

We think that life is too short to be exposed to things that you don�t care about, and yes, the web is full of them! So CircleMe pivots around your interests whilst taking a �Slow Web� approach: It�s not about hundreds of information being pumped to your feed, but about receiving the rightknowledge at the right time. So one could say we�re on a crusade against the noise! :-)

3. Why did you choose TechHub? Has the community been helpful?

� We discovered TechHub when someone we trust recommended it to us. We were then convinced by different reasons such as the flexibility of the model (at competitive prices) and the location. Also, the fact that TechHub is probably the most demanded and talked about tech co-working space in London (and probably Europe) means that they have scope to select smart members with promising projects that can complement each other. All these reasons make TechHub a great place where to work on an ambitious project like ours, and certainly a place where we want to be.

The community has been very helpful: We�ve held some focus groups and usability studies and their feedback has been key to the development of CircleMe. We�ve also met great folks with whom we�d love to work with in the future such as or

4. One random or silly fact about yourself

Although I�ve lived in the UK for 7 years now, I often get expressions horribly wrong... Including �You�re earning muffin points� and �Get over your high horse!� :-(