Member Spotlight: Ambrose Choy of Sbiffy

Meet Ambrose Choy from Sbiffy. One of our first Residents at TechHub Manchester, Ambrose made sure he and Nathan from Sbiffy would have a comfy stay at TechHub Towers by bringing in a sofa bed, bean bags and a mini fridge that is [un]surprisingly always full of beer...:

So Ambrose, what is your background and how did you end up becoming an entrepreneur?

I've always been passionate about mobile technology, ever since I started developing stock control software on handhelds in my first job at Sony Manufacturing UK. Back then, they were hefty devices with the majority of them running Microsoft Embedded/Compact Framework OS, the UI was difficult to design and writing software for it was tricky due to its hardware constraints. Despite all that, I loved working on the mobile platform and relished the challenge. So when Apple brought out iOS a few years back, I was naturally drawn to this new, slick, beautiful platform and started writing apps for various different clients. As demand grew, I needed to churn out code faster than I could physically type and so I decided to hire an extra pair of hands, and then another developer joined, and another, and suddenly I was looking for office space in Manchester.

Now with my team behind me (including my trusted friend/creative designer extraordinaire - Eds), we decided to put our collective skills to good use and set off to craft, design and launch a product that we would all be proud of, and Sbiffy was born!

Tell me about Sbiffy.

Sbiffy is a social marketplace that helps you share what you want to buy or sell with people near you.�
The first phase had a soft launch recently and we are now busy working on the next phase. By now, it's got more features then I can squeeze in a paragraph so just head to and check it out for yourselves!

Why did you choose TechHub Manchester? Has the community been helpful?

We discovered that TechHub Manchester was opening up just as we were planning on launching Sbiffy. The timing couldn't be better; we've only been here for a few months and we've already met some really interesting people.�There's a real sense of community and excitement here and it's great to be able to network and work amongst like minded people on a daily basis. We have even started working with another startup here in TechHub to develop the most visually stunning and revolutionary music app that has ever been seen in the mobile world!� �

What's a piece of advice you would give to a budding entrepreneur?

I don't think I'm wise enough to pass on advice just yet, so I'll borrow a quote from the great Genghis Khan...

"If you are afraid - don't do it; if you are doing it - don't be afraid!"

One random or silly fact about yourself:

I think in english, count in cantonese and talk in Welsh when drunk - go figure!

Thanks, Ambrose! If we ever need run out of beer or find out some drunken Welsh curses, we'll give you a prod. Until then, good luck with Sbiffy and collaborating on the music app!