Meetings, meetings, meetings

Meetings, meetings, meetings. Sometimes, startup life seems like a constant round of meeting clients, developers or investors.

When you are worrying about your pitch, your profit margins and your presentation, the one thing you don�t want to do is worry about whether you have a meeting room to hold them in.

Which is why, from 1 February 2014, we decided to put in place an online booking system for all members. You will be happy to hear that you can now book your meeting room even at 2am, when you get hit by that meeting inspiration. The online booking system means you can now arrange for payments at the time of booking, making the whole process quicker, easier and much more transparent.

You can book rooms in TechHub@Campus, or at TechHub Old Street. All our meeting rooms are in startup friendly spaces, from our intimate meeting pods to our impressive board room.

TechHub members get a 60% discount on all meeting room bookings, and access to the online booking system. To get the latest discount code, have a look at the Online TechHub Member network. (If you don�t have a TechHub membership, and you are a tech startup, you can apply here.

If you�re not a member, but you have need of one of our meeting room, get in contact! Please note that as a non-member you will not be able to book rooms at TechHub @ Campus.