Meet TechHub London’s newest members: October 2015

Want to get to know what our amazing community is working on? Now you can! In this new series of blog posts we will introduce some of our newest members here at TechHub London to you.

For October, we are introducing you to five startups:

Sascha McDonald - allows customers to performance test mobile applications, API's and browser based software across the Amazon Cloud. Customers build performance test scripts using the product Apache JMeter and then execute those scripts over the platform.

Want to know more? Watch this walk through of the product

Craig Read - Cloud Water Systems

CWS is building a comprehensive open systems platform to aggregate all information currently available on Lake and riversource water in the UK including: quality, pollution, chemical composition, recharge and discharge; through the aggregation of existing disconnected information databases, using a flexible cloud technology platform.

Find out more at:
Twitter: @crmcwscloud

Konrad Jagodzinski - Delipaid

Delipair gives wine-food pairing power to the people!
For wine sippers and foodies, who want to choose the right wine with ease, Delipair has the one click wine and recipe pairing solution - providing a delicious match of three wines to recipes from any cuisine. It’s just like having a sommelier at your service.

Try it out at:
Twitter: @delipair

Dardan Popova - AllozoHealth

AllazoHealth is healthtech company based in New York which tackles the problem of medication non-adherence through predictive analytics and personalized interventions.
Their vision is to reduce billions of dollars in avoidable health care expenditures incurring each year in the U.S. alone.They predict medication non-adherence, forecast the most effective intervention strategy for each individual patient, and work with our clients to design and implement efficient medication adherence programs.

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Maksim Kondratjuks - Tagvenue

From a small meeting room with a view of the River Thames to a huge wedding venue under the Cutty Sark. At #tagvenue you can find and hire the perfect space for all your event needs in London. Getting together in the right venue has never been easier.

Try it out at:
Twitter: @tagvenue

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