Meet TechHub London's newest members - January 2016

This month we are proud of introducing you to 5 of our newest TechHub members in London! Learn about their startups and don't forget to reach out to them if anything tickles your fancy. is an audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organisers to crowd-source top questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with their audience in real-time.’s focus is on simplicity, allowing organisers to create an event in less than a minute, while participants can join from any device with just one simple code.

Since its foundation in 2012, has helped to transform over 6500 events in almost 100 countries by engaging tens of thousands of participants. has been adopted by a number of renowned conferences such as SXSWedu, LeWeb or Pioneers Festival and has worked with high-profile clients including SAP, Eventbrite, Tesco, KPMG, UBM and Cisco.



Remitsy is a next-generation payments platform for international trade, powered by the blockchain. Using it, businesses can send payments to their international suppliers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, arriving in hours instead of days.

By removing the friction associated with cross-currency transactions, both the sender and receiver can operate in their preferred local currency. And unlike the majority of existing solutions, our pricing is transparent so the user knows exactly how much their payments are costing.

Remitsy are also hiring for a Lead Fullstack Web Developer (with technologies including Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS). More details at:
Twitter: @remitsy


Coo is a new group communication and calendar app designed to simplify family life. Founded by parents for parents, Coo aims to bring parenting out of stone age. We believe that when parents collaborate and share the burden, individual stress levels reduce and communities get stronger.

The MVP is live and has received stellar feedback. The team is now looking to on-board a full time Engineering Lead, so if you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please let them know (

Twitter: @CooSocialApp

My Artsphere There have never been so many art lovers, so many artists pushed out of school and so few movements, groups or salons to support them. Art is one of the only sectors in which technology still has not brought more transparency and meritocracy. My Artsphere aims to be the 21st century online art salon for young artists.

As a first step, they are currently developing a prototype of a social network on which young artists can exchange with their existing network but also find like-minded artists and receive content dedicated to young & emerging artists. They have a big vision for My Artsphere and a strong artist and art professionals community supporting them. Their network, events, catalogue and kickstarter campaign have all demonstrated the traction for such an innovative and creative online tool. @Myartsphere

SuchWorks Suchworks Ltd has 20 years experience developing IT solutions for many different industry sectors such as defence, banking and media. They are pleased to announce that they will have 2 great Virtual Reality products released in 2016.

The first is called "VR Comendium" and contains a series of multiplayer games that up to 4 friends can play. This is very exciting as it means you can share VR experiences with others. For instance when they turn their heads in real life, you will actually see their avatars heads turn in the game! You'll be able to challenge friends to arcade style matches whilst others watch on a screen, making Virtual Reality a very sociable experience.

The second, called "Ski VR" is a single player game allowing you to ski round an awesome virtual ski resort, stick to the pistes or tear up the powder and compete in a number of exciting challenges.

Check out their website and blog for more updates at

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