Meet TechChill speakers: Toms Baugis

We�re proud to see that TechChill Baltics has become an event that brings the best out of the regional startup eco-system, and this year we want to make it even better. With a focus on startup growth-hacking and operations we highlight the topics of hiring, scaling, financing and team management, and to cover that in detail we�ve invited great speakers to tell their stories.

We continue with the speakers� stories, presenting Toms Baugis, who oversees User Experience at From front-end web to back-end data crunching, Toms is a Python programmer and open source contributor with a keen interest in data visualization and user interfaces. He's passionate about coding, and has built projects using JavaScript, Google App Engine, and other technologies. In addition to that, when he doesn�t code he writes. Toms has two hobby projects under way and his blog captures shorts and flashes. As he himself says - when it's not sci-fi, it's surrealist, and there are plenty of talking animals. Check his work at milkisprotein.

What are the 2 most important things one must know about successful startup operations and growth?

My two would be autonomy and transparency. Autonomy: Being generally low in headcount, startups can't afford wasting time implementing hierarchies, so it's essential to have everyone know, understand and agree to "where this is going". Transparency: communicating your own status, plan and progress and being aware of everyone elses, opens opportunity for collaboration. This can be summarized as "no surprises". Unfortunately, both of these scale poorly, so while these are my two big things, the meta ones, the ones behind these, would be a conscious constant feedback/analysis/monitoring loop (how are we doing, is this working), with ability to adapt and knowing when to give up (and try a different approach). Ah, but keep it all a little bit fuzzy and have an open mind - we are humans after all. And whatever you do, don't subscribe to any methodology.

In your opinion, what will be the most interesting things that will happen in 2015 in the world of startups?

The most interesting things happen in each startup individually. Going through phases, growing or dying, pivoting and finding just the right niche - the most interesting things in the world of startups are the startups themselves, no specific timespan required.

Please tell us, why should people attend TechChill Baltics 2015?

This will be my first TechChill Baltics, but I think it's cool to jump out for a day, take a break, and have a hard look in the mirror. You might find encouragement to finally start your own company, or you might stumble upon an advice that comes handy the next day. Serendipity for the win!

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