Meet TechChill speakers: Ramon Recuero Moreno

Startups matter. Their products and innovations make how everything is read and seen today. At TechChill we bring these game-changers together, and our speakers will be there to give them the right set of knowledge to scale, manage, create and hustle better.

Among the speakers is Ramon Recuero Moreno, Senior Software Engineer at Moz, a Marketing Analytics Software and online marketing community based in Seattle. He has a strong knowledge in web development, cloud computing, full software development cycle, game design and product management. In 2010 Ramon founded Netgamix - a company to be admitted into Startup Bootcamp and obtained more than 100K$ in 2 investment rounds. He's also contributed to the development and launch of the first version of the Zynga Ad Platform and continued to for Zynga as a senior game engineer.

We asked him a couple of questions.

What are the 2 most important things one must know about successful startup operations and growth?

From my experience, the only thing that matters in a startup is getting to product market fit and getting things done to get there faster. Hiring passionate people with this mindset will make a huge impact in your company in the long run. I have seen many times that founders, specially engineers, focus too much on the technology and loose sight of the end prize. Technology is not the goal, is just a means to an end, creating value.

In your opinion, what will be the most interesting things that will happen in 2015 in the world of startups?

I am really excited about advancements in the following fields: the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Crypto currency and eHealth. We tend to underestimate what can happen in 3 years and tend to overestimate what can happen in a year. Although, I do not think we will see a huge leap in any of these fields, I believe we are getting closer to a huge disruption. Here are some companies and products to watch: Chui, Occulus Rift, Glow and Ripple.

Please tell us, why should people attend TechChill Baltics 2015?

If you are already in a startup, you will learn invaluable insight about how to grow your company from networking and sessions. If you are considering joining one, one of two things will happen. Either you get excited and you turn into a startup junkie or you are knowledgeable and rational enough to run away as fast as you can :)

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