Meet TechChill speakers: Andrew Hoag

A couple of weeks are left to TechChill Baltics 2015, and we�ve prepared something great for you � we�ve talked to our speakers and found out what they are thinking about the startup world. So grab a sandwich or two and learn more about the people who are going to rock the TechChill stage on February 10th.

Let's start with Andrew Hoag, current President at Ferocia, ex-Managing Director at Startup Institute and Founder of Urbantag. He believes that entrepreneurship is a global endeavor, and he is especially excited for the opportunities in new and emerging markets in Europe. Andrew enjoys building products, teams and companies � for the past decade he has founded, financed, advised, invested in and exited startups raising and helping other companies raise millions of dollars in capital. With networks in Europe and Silicon Valley Andrew has become an entrepreneural leader who can create things from scratch and likewise lead product lines with $60M+ in revenue.

What are the two most important things one must know about successful startup operations and growth?

The most important thing a founder must know how to do is how to keep the lights on, and create a vision that motivates people. If you run out of gas before you reach your destination, the best product in the world won't save you, and growth comes from having the right people on board and painting a picture of a better world for your customers.

In your opinion, what will be the most interesting things that will happen in 2015 in the world of startups?

I think 2015 will bring more M&A activity from both old and new economy companies, which will add more fuel to the fire � especially in Europe where valuations are lower but technical quality is still high.

Why should people attend TechChill Baltics 2015?

The Baltics are one of the interesting emerging startup markets that has been on my radar for years, with high quality engineering talent and entrepreneurial drive. Bringing people together in this type of new ecosystem is the best way to grow the entire market � everyone wins!

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