Meet Nexmo, The Telecom API Firm On Track For $40M In 2013 Revenue (via TechCrunch)

We borrowed this article by Alex Wilhelm about the amazing TechHub members Nexmo from TechCrunch this morning. We figured it's worth a share!

Nexmo is a quickly growing company that provides carrier-direct SMS and Voice APIs that developers can use to reach phones around the world. TechHub members for over a year now, they've raised $3 million earlier this year, and unlike many other young technology companies, they are very much profitable. However, Nexmo is a quiet sort of company - which is another reason why we are very happy to share this article far and wide.

In one of the Nexmo's employee's own words - 'We are awesome. And we're hiring.'
(So if you want to join Nexmo team, see current openings here.)