Making Money from Tablets: Publishing & Monetizing

Last night TechHub put on a great event bringing together the power of tablets and publishing. Lucky attendees were able to hear from key players in the field on the many ways to monetize their content now and in the future.

During and after the presentation people were busy tapping away on their tablets as they began to explore the endless possibilities into this new arena of self-publishing . With a great selection of experts gathered here at TechHub we made sure to give our audience members loads of examples on how to create and promote their own projects. But don't take our word for it! Here's what others had to say:

Ashley Davison from Fixdit- "The speakers gave great insight into the surprising amount of trial and error big players like Penguin and Pearsons have had to undertake in order to get any kind of foot hold in a digital market...publishing on tablet and mobile devices truely is an emerging market. Emerging markets such as this get me excited. It means it's time to experiment and time to out maneuver the established traditional players."

Mark Errett from @iphonetipsters- "Overall from these talks I took away the need to experiment and there is no surefire way to have a success. If you go into the App Store you�re competing against 500,00+ apps that are all vying for people�s attention. If you try to do a web app then you�re seemingly competing against the whole of the internet with millions, probably billions of pages...I look forward to more debate around publishing on tablets and it is definitely a way to try something new."

To read even more about this event you can use the #techhubtablets to see what other people had to say. A big thank you to Pearson for helping sponsor the event and also to everyone that attended.

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See you @TechHub!