Legend: the best thing about startups

Create a legend about a startup�s life. Include an idea of flexible working hours, disappearance of 9-5 attitude, a huge portion of risks and absolute dependence on win or fail. Afterwards ship this business role-model across the world and you�re done. Legend is ready.

Yet, to be inside of a startup means something more � something that sticks to startups as their own glued legend. And we � here at TechHub Riga � were curious to see those legends too. Thus, we asked some of our members to reveal what their best thing about startups was. Let us present the outcome.

Sky is the limit.

When there are no boundaries, it means you can achieve everything. You do not see yourself in a box that builds a frame just to make you fit. When sky is the limit, you, along with your startup, fit the world. So, is not that the greatest thing if your startup lets your challenge, perpetually develop, learn the greatest lessons from mistakes and aim at the sky again?

Sparkle in the eye.

You know enthusiasm and eagerness to succeed. You know that things go seemingly better when you work on a project you desperately believe in. Finally, you may also know the feeling that shapes a sparkle in the eye � as it turns out, a must-need state of mind that explains the startup. While you maintain the sparkle, it offers you the most entertaining journey for your startup and � no matter what�s the outcome � serves as the grandest motivator and meaning at the same time.

Freedom to do what you want to do.

Startup is about being free in choices. You rely on your vision of the world and through business monetize it. You create new meanings, products, desires and hype around them. Still, be careful what you wish for. Freedom is both the best and the most complicated aspect of the startup as it demands to make decisions, including financial, social and cultural. While you find yourself in a sea of opportunities, you are the one who fishes them, and you are never freed of catching a bad one.

What is the best thing about the startups? We dare to think that there are dozens of answers to this question, hence we leave our startup legend open and invite you to add your input. Tweet your opinion with a hashtag #startuplegend and help us create knowledge!