Learn to code in 5 days with Steer

Ever wanted to learn to code? We have a fantastic opportunity coming up at TechHub Manchester as we partner with steer.me to deliver a 5 day intensive course where you will learn to code HTML, CSS and Javascript and make beautiful websites.

You'll be coding from day one, and by the end of the week you'll have built 8 different websites putting everything you've learnt into practice. On this course you'll learn 90% of what a front end developer uses day to day and be ready to develop your own projects.

Code education company steer are expert in web development and teaching people how to code. We run short courses in London teaching people how to code and make websites, web apps and mobile apps from scratch

On this course you will learn about:
- Web Design - Grid Systems - Geolocation - HTML5 - Web Standards - Responsive Design - Animation - CSS3 - Javascript

To get involved sign up here.

Note - All TechHub Members get 20% off this course, contact Michelle (Michelle@TechHub.com) for more details