Learn to build your MVP

This is a guest post by Ben Dixon, founder of Make It With Code.

Lots of people are interested in learning to code at the moment, and easy-to-access online learning tools, from video tutorials to web-based games and interactive syntax courses, are a popular starting point. Anecdotally, however, most of these suffer from the same problem - you get to the end and realise "I still have no idea how to start making something".

If you wander around TechHub and ask some of the developers how they learnt to code, you're not likely to get many responses about syntax courses or web-based games. When we asked, we heard loads of anecdotes about "hacking stuff together" and mixing up bits of other people's code to make things.

Personally, I started coding because I wanted to build a replica of Holly, the ship's computer in Red Dwarf. That turned out to be somewhat ambitious, as a first project. But in the end I did actually make an animated face that answered questions I typed in, entirely by copying bits of code from other things and tweaking them.

I didn't exactly "know how to code" yet I'd worked out enough to start making things. As it became relevant, I started to research the theoretical bits that would allow me to improve the things I'd already hacked together.

Syntax games and tutorials are fun and satisfying, but you're likely to reach the end and wonder what to do next. We think that the only way to learn to make things with code is to start making things.

This is why we've launched Make It With Code. In our introductory Ruby course you'll build ten little things, from web scrapers to websites and Twitter apps. After ten weeks, we want you to understand how to break a coding problem (like a startup MVP) into smaller pieces, where to search for a starting point and what to do when errors pop up.

Student feedback so far has been great but since it's still early days, we're providing the course at a reduced rate of �60, which includes support via private chat in case you get stuck. We have fairly limited capacity so we're asking people to apply by filling in this form; and we'll get in touch when places are available.

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