Lean Startup: A Quick Introduction

Guest post by Manuel da Costa & Ben Aldred

Every startup founder thinks that their idea is the best thing since sliced bread. Too often however, this leads to months of building a �perfect� product only to realise that there is a limited or non existent market who will pay for it. Eric Ries� Lean Startup was the game changer for aspiring startups. It came about from lessons learned from various failed startups - the ones he was involved in as well as those in Silicon valley.

Lean Startup is a framework which makes it easier for founders to test and validate whether their idea was worth pursuing, all whilst keeping the customer at the forefront.The Build-Measure-Learn cycle was built on teachings by Steve Blank and improved further by the likes of Ash Maurya and Patrick Vlaskovits.

In a nutshell, this loop of learning involves speaking to customers, understanding their pain points, building a solution that solves their problems and going back for more feedback. The original idea will always evolve with every customer feedback that you receive to a point where you will hit the sweet spot of the product market fit i.e a product that works for customers and they will happily pay money for it.

Lean Startup is now very much mainstream in the tech startup world and as such comes with its share of buzzwords and critics. More than likely, it's because of a misunderstanding of the lean startup principles. It is hard work taking your ego out of the equation and relying solely on data and customer feedback to guide your path. The flipside is that you will improve your chances of figuring out whether you should continue down the path or pivot (buzzword alert).

We have reached an age where the question shouldn�t be �Can it be built?� but rather �Should it be built?�

If you want to learn more then you should come along to Leanconf.


Manuel da Costa & Ben Aldred are organisers of the Lean Startup Manchester Group & Leanconf, a Lean Startup oriented conference for startups, entrepreneurs, designers and innovators. The 2 day conference which takes place in October is aimed at helping startup founders build products that their customers will want, love and pay for.