Leaderboarded launches ExaLeague - the social media league for startups

Our lovely members Leaderboarded have launched a social media league for startups, to monitor their social media performance. ExaLeague gives startups a level of context to their social media marketing that might be missed by other ranking platforms.

We caught up with CEO Toby Beresford to find out how the ExaLeague was developed and what the London start up community can learn from it.

TechHub is a huge fan of Leaderboarded, we've been using it for a while now. What's new with ExaLeague?

We're closing the TechHub NoiseMeter which has been a great success and we're turning it into a bigger, better version called ExaLeague. I've teamed up with ex-Chelsea Football Club Digital Manager, Luca Massaro who is founder of We Play, to create a social media league for London startups. We want to provide startups with an easy way to benchmark their social media marketing performance, by comparing with peers, as well as improving the overall quality of London tech startups' social media marketing.

ExaLeague is completely free for start ups to register and use. The league will be updated weekly and we're planning to give away prizes and incentives to the companies who have the most amount of success in the weeks, months and year. At the end of the cycle, start ups will be promoted from one league to another and may find a new challenge in competing against larger brands. Together we can turn London into an even greater tech city with a better understanding of how to make the most from social.

Have you noticed improvements with startups that have been gamifying and competing on social media, so far?

Yes we've seen improvements mainly in consistency, for example, where TechHub companies who might not have been blogging regularly have made it a higher priority.

Vine has been a big talking point lately, with this new type of quick-fire video sharing (and similar apps, like FrameBlast), do you see startups using these technologies?

With any new communications medium there is opportunity to get your message across. Before leaping into the hot new platforms though, startups should first consider who is their target audience. If it's early tech adopters then that's a great fit but if it's middle aged bankers then there are other channels that might be more effective. With any social output it's important to make sure that you're using it effectively to reach the target. These new video sharing apps are good at creating engaging content in an interesting format, if your product can tell a story with it then it's worth using.

What's the best advice you would give to startups on how to improve their social strategies?

With the Exaleague we are embedding the best practice on social media for startups within the scoring system. Points will be allocated in three key areas - each critical to a good social strategy:

  1. Consistency - social media is a stream; you need to keep talking in the stream otherwise you won't get heard.
  2. Relevance - you need to generate and share content that is relevant to your target audience. No point talking to middle aged bankers about the latest gig you saw, even if it was super awesome.
  3. Impact - tracking the impact of any social media activity is key - how many visits did you get to your web site from social channels, how many people clicked on a link. Here tools like bit.ly can really help.

How do you see social platforms evolving over the next few years?

I think we'll see social platforms integrated at the point in which they're most frequently used, which is of course on the mobile phone. Getting the social experience right on mobile is going to be critical for all social platforms but especially Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Alongside this there will be a focus on content, which is why it's important that start ups get to grips with what there target audience respond to, and develop their social marketing strategy around that.

We like a bit of humour on our social media. What's your favourite joke?

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.... b'dom tsch

Thanks Toby! If anyone of our readers wants to compete, compare and learn, sign up to the ExaLeague!