Latvian start-up Fastr Books becomes the largest e-book Latvian trader, offering more than 4 000 e-books

After several months of work TechHub Riga member's Fastr Books e-book reading platform development has been completed as well as company has signed cooperation agreements with the biggest publishers in Latvia including Zvaigzne ABC, Jumava, Mansards and The White Book. As a result of Fastr Books now has become the largest e-book store in Latvia, and aims to expand its operations in Europe and the United States.

"We are very pleased to start cooperation with the Latvian publishers, as a result, e-books will become accessible to a larger number of readers in Latvia� notes Fastr Books CEO Eldars Loginovs. Currently Fastr Books offers more than 4 000 e-books in seven languages and ??in the near future more titles in English will be added, and the catalog will hold around 100 000 titles.

Comment from Zvaigzne ABC

�It is nice to see development of a promising and innovative project. In Zvaigzne ABC we are increasingly looking for new channels to offer our content to readers in a more convenient and interesting way, so we are happy to start cooperation with Fastr Books e-book reading and subscription platform. Fastr Books platform can bring the joy of reading books to people, who are actively using mobile devices to read the news and articles, and the same have not yet tried to read e-books from smartphone or tablet screen. So far the e-book reading in Latvia has not yet became a daily routine for the mobile device users. This solution is potentially able to attract both fans of technology and book readers, so to us it seems very important to get involved in this project with Fastr Books,� as noted by Zvaigzne ABC eBook Project Manager Kristine Pastare-Skutele.

Comment from Jumava

Jumava public relations specialist Ginta Augule mentions that: �In the modern tech saturated world with rapidly evolving mobile application platforms, it looks that more and more people are becoming used to get information in digital form, regardless of its size. With the hectic pace of life, it is important to keep up with trends in technology while working vigorously and effectively. Fastr Books seems to do it successfully - the company has developed a strategy and implements it with a determination, that makes us believe in their future plans. We see value both in printed books and digital format, so Jumava supports this e-book project. We believe it is important to operate in line with the customer expectations, because our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best available choice in terms of book formats and delivery channels."

About Fastr Books

TechHub Riga member Fastr Books is an e-book reading platform and e-book store for mobile devices (currently primarily iPhone and iPad). Unlike Apple's iBooks and Amazon Fastr Books developing e-book subscription service, which, as an alternative to conventional e-book sales, will provide users access to the entire e-book catalog for a fixed monthly fee.

At present, e-books Fastr Books can be purchased for points, which can both buy and earn a Fastr Books mobile app active use, while the subscription service will be available in April 2014. Fastr Books e-book catalog available here: