Last TechHub Demo Night of the year - and it's a good 'un!

December is here, and with it comes the exciting last TechHub Demo Night of the year. On Tuesday 4th December we host six great startups that will show off what they�ve been up to, and then open themselves up to feedback, questions and advice from the audience.

There will be pizza and drinks, from the generous RAPTOR and Indiegogo, who will also be giving special demos to kick off the evening. So, let�s have a look at the companies that will be demoing...


YPlan are helping the spontaneous amongst us get away with it. Their app provides users with a carefully curated list of up to 10 London events, with super simple native payment. Short-notice nights out have included a gig from Hot Chip, invitation-only events like Sofar Sounds, and (brace yourself) chessboxing.

If you want to check it out before you see them demo, the iPhone app is available free from the app store.


HealthSynch aim to change healthcare forever, and revolutionise the way patients and doctors collect, access and utilise medical information. Through proprietary sensor technologies, they empower doctors with an improved base of data and tools for diagnostic assessment, and offer a friendly and engaging experience for patients. And with the magical combination of improving quality of healthcare, while lowering costs, these guys really could change the lives of millions of people.


TonePush are letting users quickly and easily send ringtones from their phones, to their friends. Not only that, (with permission!) you can also set your personal ringtone to your friend's phone, remotely.

Definitely an app for those with a sense of fun (and a strong trust in their friends), TonePush has SoundCloud�s database integrated, allowing use of any track that one can find on there.

With Facebook integration coming �real soon�, you�ll be able to drag and drop mp3�s from your computer onto your friends phone. It couldn't get any easier.


FrameBlast is a super simple video app that helps you tell your stories. Users film short blasts (3 seconds standard), and allows easy editing, theming and soundtracking.

FrameBlast helps make any story interesting no matter what, and to prove it we�ve got a cool little video from around TechHub made using the app, to show you.
Videos can be saved in HD quality, and shared on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.


Hoverkey are using NFC contactless cards to automate password entering on mobile devices. Users can simply �beep� into an app by placing the Hoverkey security card against their device. These will be available in the very near future for selected Android devices, and we can�t wait to see it in action!


Haystacks helps parents find things to do with their kids in London, and shows kids the great places they can take their parents. With 1,500 activities as well as a few hundred events listed, the app covers all age groups and the user can choose from a myriad of categories including museums, parks, farms, galleries, sports and restaurants.

This great little app is shaping up to be a must-have for parents and kids alike!


As always, we�re very thankful to our sponsors for helping out with beer and pizza for the evening, as well as giving us a special presentation on what they do. For those that don�t know:

RAPTOR aims to build a digital ecosystem of SMEs developing real-time smart urban applications on a secure brokerage platform creating new value chains from government, industry and startups to citizens.

Indiegogo is the world's largest open crowdfunding platform, where anyone, anywhere, can raise money for anything, using the power of the crowd. Every day, all over the world, entrepreneurs use Indiegogo to bring their ideas to life by exchanging compelling perks for money, and transforming their consumer base into a passionate word-of-mouth marketing engine -- all without surrendering any equity whatsoever.

So, now you know what to expect from our festive Demo Night at TechHub, make sure to book your ticket and come along! Get your ticket from here and share a beer, slice of pizza and your feedback with us all.

Happy winter!