Last Call for the Second HackTrain

TechHub loves the idea that by getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen. The same thought must have occurred to Hack Partners in June when they set up HackTrain, a hackathon held on a train travelling at 200mph aiming to solve the big issues that the rail industry faces!

Upon it's launch in March, the notion of people collaboratively working in a unique environment to solve some of the most confounding problems surrounding transport with a focus on railways seemed odd to some. Over the 48 hour voyage HackTrain proved that innovation is based on the people not the environment though an unusual environment certainly doesn't hurt the flow of the creative juices.

Over the journey 40 of Europe’s top innovators produced an array of products with real world applications but the stand out winner was Elastic that displays routes visually for passengers navigating through stations, which proved an unexpected boon to station managers who found it aided with traffic flow and passengers.

Keep an eye on HackTrain who are steaming out of the station on the 20th of November for 48 hours of pure hackery.

If you want to follow up the what else has been keeping Hack Partners busy, check out their hackathon with the NHS at TELHack.