Know a 7-12 year old wanting to learn how to code? Read on!

TechHub teamed up with myKidsy and Coderdojo to deliver some after-school coding fun for little people aged 7-12. We are helping young adults to get on the 'coding ladder' (does that even exists? if not, it really needs to!), offering 8 free after-school coding classes in the lead up to Christmas - the first one successfully behind us!

myKidsy has developed these regular, after-school classes for children alongside the experts from CoderDojo - a movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people.
myKidsy founder Yasmine Mahmoudieh who believes that coding is an important element for children to learn.

�I believe each child from 7 years onwards should learn how to code in a fun and engaging way. This is the literacy of the future.� says Yasmine, herself a mum of two.

"Astonishing, I never would have believed that young adults can learn how to code within 90 minutes! The first CoderDojo left me feeling extremely rewarded. While mentoring the attending young adults, I also learnt so much for myself while having heaps of fun." says Carl Petrou of Coderdojo initiative about the first session.

"It was amazing to see everyone come and be really enthusiastic about learning to code! The kids were so excited and all thanked me for organising the class. It was very inspiring and I'm looking forward to next week already, especially because the children who came said they'd tell their friends about the classes!" Yasmine adds.

You can find out more (or sign your little one up - it's not too late yet!), here.
Classes are held at TechHub at Campus London from November 8th to December 13th, and run weekly on Fridays from 5-6.30pm. No prior knowledge of coding is required. Classes are free but places are limited.