Kickstart Something Amazing in Boston

Kickstart something amazing!

We're running a Kickstarter campaign! Why? Well, we want to raise awareness, get feedback and raise some funds to launch the first wave of our community program.

It's not just about the cash, it's about increasing the dialogue, getting more feedback and refining the program along the way to our Kickstarter goal of $25K.

As part of our launch in Boston we set out our agenda to engage with a diverse set of communities and to provide support to people who wanted to begin an entrepreneurial journey.

The start of this engagement is focussed on the following groups across the Greater Boston Area:

High School Students, Female Entrepreneurs, Pre-teens

We will also be running area-specific engagements in Roxbury, Dorchester & Somerville.

Over the next 12 months we want to begin rolling out:

  • Information packs about how to start, where to find tools to help, and sparking interest through case studies of local entrepreneurs doing well in the city.
  • Networking events to provide a point of discussion and information sharing amongst enthusiastic groups.
  • 'Startup weekend' style events that will provide a platform to explore ideas and find like minded co-founders for new ventures.
  • Short term internships at startups within the TechHub community.
  • 'No strings attached' seed funding of up to $10k for early stage ideas which have the potential to deliver significant social impact as well as generate profits. This funding will be given 'MassChallenge Style'. No equity will be given up. It's not a loan or convertible note either.
  • While our primary drive will always be towards Tech Products, these programs will also encourage & support entrepreneurialism in other sectors if they are in the selected areas.

We are seeking to find entrepreneurs and give them the platform to venture into the unknown. We aspire to make a real difference in people's lives and, in doing so, deliver significant positive social impact in the communities of which we are also a part.

Don't delay, this campaign is only running until July 25. Go to

Pledge, add your comments or just forward the URL to a friend. It all helps! Thank you.