Jim Brikman: Design is the product

Cool products rock. So does their design. Thus, we decided - let's talk product design at our meetup! We invited Jim Brikman, Founder of Atomic Squirrel and ex-Software Developer at LinkedIn, to give a crush course on design for developers. Now, it’s time to survive in the world of billion brands…

Reveal the iceberg secret

There’s an iceberg, the visible and hidden part, these 10% we see and the other 90% we do not. Apply this secret to your product - illogically (or logically) enough, we judge the products based on 10% of the iceberg.

The data and algorithms make the foundation, but the screen users interact with is the only way to their hearts. This is why we learn design.

Design is everywhere. It sells. It gives you a scene to play with. It is you. It is the product.

Forget the average person

‘Never design for the average person,’ Jim says, ‘this type of a person does not exist’. If you ever build a product, make your design all about the people – help them achieve their goals!

  • Talk to your customers – define a specific (even though fictional) person you want to target!
  • Write everything down, starting from the name and ending with hobbies!
  • Be simple and focus on that unique selling point nobody can take away from you!
  • Be emotionally attached – product can only then become real if your customer can share feelings with it.

Remember – your product will never be less than a human being to your audience!

Set a purpose and communicate

Two words that make your product matter – usability testing! You can come up with the greatest product on Earth, but without the feedback it will disappear. As soon as you’ve set a purpose of your product and design you will start communicating.

You will go through various approaches of how to give out the messages, and design will help you communicate even better.

  • Reuse the styles!
  • Experiment with layouts, typography, spacing and fonts!
  • Highlight your contrasts and test!

And do it all over again until you find your combination! Until your customers appreciate and fall in love with those 10% of the iceberg you share with them.

Watch Jim’s talk once more.

This meetup was supported by strategic partner Lattelecom and Altum. See the photo gallery here and other videos here! Feel free to join us in November!