Is Crowdfunding right for your startup?

Crowdfunding is a hot topic at the moment, but how do you know whether it's right for you?

We had a quick chat to our long standing members, a website that takes a novel approach to cutting transport costs, who have decided it's the right choice for them, and have hit the ground running with their campaign...

goCarShare matches you with people within your social network, so you can share car journeys through Facebook. Whether its a friend of a friend, or someone who likes the same music - it helps you find awesome people to split the journeys costs with.

Why is crowdfunding right for goCarShare?

We built up a really passionate user-base of people who car share to festivals. We�ve got some great perks - people who car share to Reading or Leeds festivals get the chance to win festival tickets for next year and get the chance to park in special priority car parks.

We work at the festivals manning our priority car parks. As well as getting some really useful feedback about how to improve the site, it�s been great speaking to our users and hearing their stories - some are really passionate about the concept.

By opening up crowdfunding as an option to them, we are giving them the opportunity to share in the potential success of the company and increasing the chance that they�ll become awesome ambassadors that will help take goCarShare to the next level.

So why now?

Seedrs the crowdfunding campaign is just over a year old - when it first launched, very few of the companies got funded. There simply weren�t enough investors, this has now changed and over 30 companies have received investment on Seedrs.

goCarShare has recently started a crowdfunding campaign on the Seedrs crowdfunding platform to raise �50k in a bid to create a car share company truly powered by the people.

So what's the plan? How much are you going for?

We�ve set ourselves a target of raising �50k. We have to get the full amount in just under 3 weeks. If we don�t make the target, then we don�t get a penny. We�ve passed 40% which is great, but we need to start upping the tempo!

And what will you use the money for?

We have got a really exciting proposition for a mobile app. We are on an accelerator programme called Wayra backed by O2/Telefonica and we are getting some great input to solve what is a relatively complex problem.

It will also enable us to market car sharing proactively, which is imperative to getting good uptake.

So come on then, how can we get a piece of the action? How can people get involved?

We�ve had 79 investors already - everything from friends putting in a tenner to serious, experienced investors, one of whom has invested �5,000!
People can follow us on twitter (@gocarshare) and RT our Seedrs updates - that would be massively appreciated - getting the word out is key.

You should watch our video!

If anyone is interested in investing can do so right here.

Update: Congratulations goCarShare on reaching your target! See more news on goCarShare's success here.