Introduction to our (Innovation) Accountant

Someone that�s not been around TechHub Manchester that much recently but moving forward is our accountant, Gareth Burton from Burton Beavan accountants. Doug and Shaun met Gareth at Startup Weekend Manchester last year and straight away realised that an accountant willing to spend his weekends with startups is just a bit different from the norm!

Since then we�ve established a really strong bond between TechHub Manchester and Burton Beavan and we are now formally introducing them as one of our key service partners as we believe that they are the genuine article. This is a youthful, dynamic firm with a fair bit of experience to boot. They�re a specialist in tax relief for innovative and high growth businesses and we believe Gareth to be one of the few people in the UK that actually understand the key principles of innovation accounting! In simple terms we believe that this is an accountancy practice that we�ll be partnered with for the long term. We�ve had a great service from them so far and we�re sure that our community will do as well. They don�t just pay lip service about technology and innovation - they�re genuinely interested in it.

The key thing here is that Burton Beavan aren�t here to make a quick buck. Gareth is going to be in TechHub Manchester every Wednesday just to be there as a sounding board for our members. Don�t be shy, you can ask him about anything you want, from bookkeeping to innovation accounting, from R&D tax reliefs to the latest United result!! There�s no expectation at all, just a genuine desire to help. To give you a flavour of who they are and what they do you could check out their website here or one of Gareth�s latest blog posts here.

So please introduce yourself to Gareth next time you�re in, or feel free to make an appointment with him via Michelle. Alternatively, you�ll often see Gareth at Startup Brew or Silicon Drinkabout Manchester!