Introducing TechHub Riga

As the first step in our expansion throughout the world, we selected Riga, a choice that was obvious to us once we met the local team and community. As one of the fast-growing tech centres of Eastern Europe, it is fertile ground for many new ideas and technologies.

The TechHub Riga team is busy setting up our operations there and working towards a grand launch on 9th February 2012.

And that's not all! TechHub Riga will now be hosting TechCrunch Baltics as our first event on 9th February 2012, and all Founder Members, both those from Riga and those from London will be invited to an exclusive Founder Member breakfast before the event. You'll have the chance to meet TechHub Founder & CEO Elizabeth Varley, TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher and the Founders of TechHub Riga, plus some other special guests (to be announced).

When TechHub was founded in London, we received the generous support of the London technology and investment community, many of whom became Founder Members. Founder Membership is a once-in-a-TechHub opportunity as there's a limited number of these memberships available. Not only do you grab a great deal (a year for free!) and become one of an exclusive group of early TechHub Members, you'll be supporting an exciting initiative.

You've missed your chance for Founder Membership of TechHub London, so don't miss the opportunity with TechHub Riga. You can sign up for Founder Membership here. Go! Do it now! Before they all run out.

Already a Founder Member of TechHub London? Why not get involved in Riga too and collect the whole set - become a Founder Member of every TechHub in the world!