Introducing: Space Membership!

TechHub Refurbishment & Space Membership!

We�re thrilled to announce that TechHub will soon have the capacity to accept new tech product companies at our original premises on City Road.

Here's the back story!

Back in March, TechHub expanded from its original location on City Rd (right next to Old St. Station) over to Campus London on Bonhill Street, which is just a few blocks away from TechHub�s City Rd premises.

Our Residents & Annual Members moved over to TechHub @ Campus (Bonhill St) and began occupying the first and second floors.

With TechHubbers moved over to TechHub @ may be wondering what happened to all that space on City Rd? Well, the ground floor of TechHub's City Rd location is in the midst of getting a revamp!

So�does your growing tech product company need flexible & affordable office space in Shoreditch?

Space Membership is perfect for those who need a flexible workspace for their team but still want to be a part of TechHub�s vibrant, growing community. So what is Space Membership, exactly? Essentially, Space Membership means renting office space from us (�7.50 + VAT /sq.ft./pcm, with spaces starting at 250 sq.ft.) at our City Rd location.

And how is it different from Resident Membership? Well, Resident Membership means you are allocated a desk for a named individual. Space Membership is about taking a set amount of space and your growing team having the flexibility to personalise the set space to its needs. You can furnish it with as many or as few desks as you desire - it's not about the number of desks, but the number of square feet.

Since the refurbishment is only days away from completion, we�re now accepting applications for Space Membership, so please do get in touch. Contact us to apply and/or ask any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!