Introducing new events: 'Manchester Tech Nights' & 'Ready Tech'

Manchester�s Tech community [is] doing something for itself! -Chris Northwood

Over the past year and half, the HN Tech Team and I have been researching and trying to better understand the Tech community in Manchester and the wider north. Upon reflection after most of the research, which is still ongoing, we identified that there were so many great events in and around the city, but most were very specific and focused in a particular area.

There did not seem to be many based around different areas and topics of the technology estate. For example, ones allowing a Developer to interact with a CTO or an enthusiast to keep abreast of the latest tech developments; there are some events but they are not widely known. Our intentions are to allow for a 360 degree conversation (rather than just a room full of developers, testers or Tech Leaders) and to crash every technologist together so we can share experiences, knowledge, failures and then take that forward, knowing the pains and successes of our peers and team.

With the above in mind, Manchester Tech Nights (@mcrtechnights) and Ready Tech (@ReadyTechMcr) were born.

Manchester Tech Nights

After having the idea we went out and spoke with the community to see if this was something that would be wanted whilst also brainstorming how it should work. I unearthed a gentleman by the name of Chris Northwood, a Senior Developer at the BBC who also had the same idea with a Tech Night theme, so we met and decided to do this together.

A monthly event, Manchester Tech Nights is a meetup aimed at Manchester's thriving technology community. This could be either the people who are making Manchester's tech scene what it is, or just those who are interested and want to keep up-to-date. We want to find out what's going on across the North West, regardless of language. The night kicks off with a headline talk, followed by a series of shorter lightning talks and then an spot of chatter between attendees.

Should you be interested in following or attending please see @mcrtechnights or

Ready Tech

Ready Tech is very similar to Manchester Tech Nights, but it is at breakfast (for those that did not get the pun ?). The meetup will be on a Friday or Saturday once a month. The event location will also change once a month and be announced via Twitter.

There will not be as many speakers as Manchester Tech Nights simply because of time. We wanted to create a morning event because it is nice to discuss something over breakfast rather than only pizza and beer ?. In all seriousness, some people prefer not drink, have young families or have a committed time in the evening, so we at HN wanted to give more flexibility over a nice breakfast, too!

The principles and values of Ready Tech are identical to Manchester Tech Nights in allowing all technologists to meet up and share experiences, contacts, knowledge etc.

Interested in attending or finding us on Twitter? @ReadyTechMcr

We also hold a yearly event, the Harvey Nash Technology Survey. The next one is 4 December at MOSI. Please get in touch for further info or see this link.

Thanks for reading,

-Mike Hall