Introducing Musaic

Musaic is a not-yet-launched wireless HiFi system that enables blasting your favourite tunes straight from Android and Apple devices. Working with NAS drives and Servers, it has internet radio built-in and it supports many streaming service apps. It's compatible with iTunes�, Windows Media Player� and the latest streaming apps including Rhapsody�, Napster� and SomaFM�. Based in the heart of London's thriving Tech City and located at TechHub, a vibrant community of tech startups, Musaic is a small but passionate team with decades of combined experience in the HiFi and consumer electronics industry. Led by CEO Matthew Bramble, who has over 20 years experience in consumer electronics, having worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and USA. Matthew has designed countless award winning products over his career, and is highly regarded in the HiFi industry.

Musaic aims to promote the enjoyment of music by providing a high quality audio experience through a stylish and flexible wireless music system which is truly easy to use. It�s based on Wi-Fi for best sound quality, can play tricks like playing the same or different music in different rooms and is deemed to be really easy to use.

Currently demoing what the system does, Musaic has been through a few prototype stages and is now fully equipped with working samples and apps. They've recently also found a fantastic manufacturing partner so things are looking good for this hardware focused music start-up.

At a stage where they're ready to tool the units, but need extra funding to make this happen, Musaic will be launching their Kickstarter campaign in early 2014 and inviting everyone to help them bring their products to life, so keep an eye on that one.

And finally, if you find yourself in Las Vegas this January, do pay them a visit. They will be exhibiting and demoing at CES's Eureka Park, the area for start-ups, between 7-10 January.

And finally, if you want to know more about Musaic, watch a video, right here.