Interview with George Lemnaru: expanding Liga Ultras

George Lemnaru is one of the first residents at TechHub Bucharest. He and his team at GreenHorse Games have been permanent residents since we opened last April. He has more than 7 years of experience in online gaming, having created the already famous eRepublik. After having built Cars Cup, George decided to take up another challenge and offer football fans a chance to decide the fate of their favourite team. Liga Ultras already has more than 30.000 players from Romania, most of which are active users. A player spends, on average, around 30 minutes a day in Liga Ultras, which is a great indicator for retention and engagement.

Because the team just opened up Liga Ultras to players in Greece, we did a short interview with him to get some inside info. Here's what he told us:

1. George, tell us about Liga Ultras in a nutshell and why you chose to start it.

LigaUltras is an online platform built for football supporters. In real life there are many football clubs that are suffering because of poor management. In LigaUltras you can see what happens to a big club when it is managed democratically by it's supporters.
Why we chose to start it? We are passionate about football and about people collaborating in groups. So LigaUltras is a concept that constantly developed into our minds until we were able to build it.

2. What do you believe decides the fate of an online game?

The most important thing deciding the fate of an online game is it's developing team. If you don't have a good and passionate team you won't be able to build a great game.

3. Liga Ultras is the second game you�re working on with your team. Could you tell us what happened to Cars Cup and how that story developed?

CarsCup was our first project and wish we had a larger team to be able to support both games. LigaUltras is growing very fast and we need all our resources to support that, thus we handed over CarsCup to another team so it will stay alive and it will continue growing.

4. What are 3 mistakes you�ve learnt and every gaming startup should avoid?

Mistake number 1: "I believe I won't make any mistake!" - always assume the fact that you will do many mistakes. What is very important is to find as soon as possible which decision is a mistake and which is a good decision.

Number 2: "We'll do something like that project but we will do it cheaper/better" - a product is like an iceberg - it looks good and it floats well, but for all this to happen it needs a huge part that is not visible to our eyes. We usually don't realize how much work is needed to build something extraordinary.

Number 3: "It's not my fault" - always take responsibility for your work. Stop finding excuses.

5. We found out you�re adding Greece to the game. Why did you choose it as the second championship country?

Although the company is 100% Romanian, LigaUltras is an international project. We will constantly add new countries from all over the world.

6. How has working from TechHub impacted the way you�re growing your startup?

It's a very good place to work. I consider that developing the product from TechHub allows us to waste less time on administrative tasks.