Insights from The Europas Conference and Awards

TechHub enjoyed a stellar night of success at The Europas last week, not to mention a snazzy dinner and talks by some of the tech industry’s leading figures and influencers. Speakers included our very own Elizabeth Varley, Ed Newton-Rex from Jukedeck, Kenny Ewan from WeFarm, Trouva’s Mandeep Singh and Ali Sarsa of Babylon Health. We were delighted to see these companies take home awards for Hottest Media/Entertainment Startup, Hottest Tech For Good, Hottest E-commerce/Retail Startup and Hottest Health Startup respectively.

We also had PixelPin up for Hottest Cyber Security Startup, Azimo for Hottest Fintech, Emotech for Hottest A.I. Startup and Encore for Hottest Media/Entertainment Startup. A huge congratulation to them and all of the other TechHubbers that snatched up prizes and nominations this year!

As well as showering our awesome members and alumni with trophies and accolades, The Europas also played host to an incredible tech conference covering topics in everything from AI to ethics, automation and fake news.

One of the key take-home points was that, despite the fact that economies can be slow or even reluctant to adopt new technologies, there is a general view that the tech revolution will have a beneficially transformative effect on societies around the world. Tech for good was discussed, including the restrictiveness of the term in describing the variety of business that falls under that umbrella, and the combination of social impact and profitability as the ultimate business model. TechHub’s CEO Elizabeth Varley also spoke about London as
Europe’s most thriving business centre, and the importance of putting people at the centre of a successful tech community.

The only real Iron Man on the planet was also in attendance: Richard Branning came to talk about his jetpack invention, encouraging entrepreneurs to choose projects that they are passionate about. Started purely for enjoyment, the jetpack has developed into a viable business model and turned former banker Branning into one of the most recognisable tech entrepreneurs on the planet.

All in all, The Europas was an amazing night of fun and inspiration, and as expected the TechHub family rocked it!

Winners from TechHub Community

Hottest Media/Entertainment Startup Jukedeck

Hottest Tech For Good WeFarm

Hottest Health Start Up Babylon Health

Hottest E-commerce/Retail Startup Trouva

Nominees in other categories

Hottest Media/Entertainment Startup Encore

Hottest Cyber Security Startup PixelPin

Hottest Fintech Azimo

Hottest Green Startup of the Year Limejump

Hottest A.I Startup Emotech LTD