Launches �Data Factory� To Simplify Converting Web Sites Into An API

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By allowing its users to turn any web page into an API with just a few clicks, exists to make it easy for developers to pull data from the web.

At Disrupt Europe this morning, the company launched a new service that they call the �Data Factory� that should make it even easier.

To explain Data Factory, it might be easier to contrast it against how�s service currently works:

To turn a web page into a developer-friendly API (in this case, that meaning something which developers can use to programmatically pull selected chunks of data from a page), provides what is essentially a bespoke, sandboxed browser.

You load the browser, open the URL for the page you�re interested in turning into an API, then start selecting the specific elements of the page (like, say, each result on a search page) that you want to be able to extract. After you�ve picked a few elements, starts to figure out which data you�re aiming for. Hit save, give it a name, and bam � you�ve got your API. This data can also be exported as HTML, CSV, or XLS.

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