Import.Io, Eyetease and Toothpick voted UK's most innovative companies

The Smarta 100 awards aim to celebrate innovation and find the best 100 business in the UK. We are very proud that three TechHub companies have been made the list including, Eyetease Media, and Toothpick.

Voting has begun to see who is the best of the best across 10 categories. Be sure to get involved and vote!


Eyetease, founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Richard Corbett is a multi-award winning media and technology company specialising in disruptive digital media propositions for taxis. The company has developed Europe�s first digital taxitop proposition (�iTaxitop�) and the world�s first ads-for-access high speed in-cab wifi system for taxis (�CabWifi�). Earlier this year the company signed an exclusive deal with global media giant Verifone Media. A full press release can be found on the Eyetease website.

It is such a great honour to be included amongst some of the hottest names in the British Tech space. Eyetease started 4 years ago with a vision to create disruptive media propositions. We could never have imagined we would have been in the top 10 tech companies of 2013! A big thank you has to go out to judges for shortlisting us�but now (as they say) the hardwork for us begins as smarta100 open up the voting to the public to choose the best of the best! We�re all winners already, so its going to be fun as we promote each of our companies respectively to win this coveted and prestigious award! - Richard Corbett, Founder - Eyetease

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Video of founder Andrew Fogg at SF TechCrunch Disrupt

"The web is full of data, but accessing this data � and getting it into a useable format - often requires specialist skills and a lot of time. We give you the power to harness this data, by removing the complexity, and allowing you to move to actionable information quickly and easily."

The award comes in quick succession after Winning the Startup Europe's people choice award and becoming a finalist for San Francisco's TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield. Earlier this year the companies raised a �600k seed round lead by London based Wellington partners.

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Backed by London's Passion Capital, Toothpick provides the average Joe with real-time availability information and rich dentist profile data for almost 2000 dental professionals in the UK. Its super speedy roll-out has been given a nudge in the right direction after it became the NHS�s transactional partner for NHS dentist bookings.

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