How To Web 2013 � Back from Bucharest

Inspiring ideas; great speakers; a throbbing, ambitious local scene� this is what was waiting for us at How To Web 2013.

We had a fantastic few days in Bucharest, but pausing for breath, let�s start with the important stuff: Big thanks and congratulations to Bogdan Iordache, Daniel Dragomir, Monica Obogeanu, Irina Scarlat, Andra Zaharia, George Dita, Irina Albu and Miruna Sfia and the rest of the fabulous How To Web team!

As well as the informative keynotes; the ruminations of the panel discussions; the energy of the Startup Spotlight pitching sessions; the invaluable detail of the immense mentoring sessions; the onstage anecdotes; and lunch time dance routine (really) � a brilliant element of How To Web is the location. Bucharest is a TechHub town, which means when you come over for next year�s How To Web, you�ve got a network right there, available before you�ve even left London.

Your TechHub membership means you have access to all of the TechHub sites around the world. All of them! Flex members can access international sites for up to 60 days per year while Resident and Team members have unlimited access. So, in Bucharest you can be off the plane and sat at a desk within the hour.

How To Web 2013 had an enlivening mix of international and local participants, whilst Bucharest has a lot to offer all year round. So after this visit, we�d say:

If you�ve not been, go.

If you don�t know who would be good to speak to, ask.

And if you don�t know whose dog has more that 5000 followers on Twitter, find out � it could double your user base over night.