�How to Leverage Your Web Presence with Video

This is a guest post by Benjamin Nathaniel Minot of MondoTV.

A few months ago I started noticing a new trend on Google. Blended search results mixes video and URLs together on one page. This means VSEO is becoming more important than SEO. According to Forrester Research videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first�page ranking. Unless your product is a hilarious cat video, there�s more to getting strong results from your media than just shooting an I�phone movie and slapping it on Youtube. Here�s what we know based on experience and client feedback.

Media with Meaning: YouTube is hungry for search results that are the most relevant to every visitor. It links you via metadata. Be detailed in your descriptions and annotations. Insure your tags are bountiful, descriptive and keyword�rich. Boost visibility with closed captions. We find SpeakerText works a treat. (Tip: Find highly viewed videos similar to yours and use similar tags for your video. This gets you into �related videos� lists that pop up after each viewing.)

Be Fresh: The more recent the content the higher your ranking will be so publish, launch, and publish again but don�t just rehash old material. Re�edits won�t do and may well reduce your view count. Encourage subscribers. The more subs you have the more views you are likely to get.

Ratings equal ranking: YouTube will factor in ratings and will rank accordingly. So, thumbs the word.

Keep them tuned in: Because you can now purchase views, Google has prioritized length of view over number of views. Finding the sweet spot is key. Using the analogy of the planet Earth; we are the perfect size and distance from the sun, living in the green belt during the correct epoch for human life to form. Your video should be slick, high quality audio and video, engaging and just the right length to get people watching to the end.

What goes viral? Listen to the man who is paid to watch YouTube all day. In this Ted Talk of Kevin Allocca he says there are three keys to going viral: tastemakers, creative community participation and unexpectedness. It�s informative and even covers the cat video demographic.

This is a guest post by Benjamin Nathaniel Minot of MondoTV.

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